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Upp.Vote is a product feedback management tool 10 times better than spreadsheets, forms, emails or phone calls to gather and organize product feedback from real users.

It also lets you publish product roadmap and changelog.

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Automatic Roadmap

Automatic Product Roadmap? Yes!

Say goodbye to manually updating and publishing your product roadmap. Upp.Vote automatically creates a roadmap for you based on the status of the features.

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Powerful Voting System

How it works?

Upp.Vote helps you make better product decisions through user feedback. Here's how it works.

Collect feature requests and feedback:
You or your users can create feature-request posts
Voting System:
Each post then receives votes from the members. Top voted posts indicate features your users want.
Status Update:
The admins or the staff members can update the status of the post to Reviewing, Planned, Building or Launched.
User Notification:
Users who have shared, upvoted or commented on the idea are automatically notified via email about the status update.
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Publish Changelog

Publish a Stunning Changelog

Keep your users informed about new features, releases and bug-fixes by publishing a stunning changelog.

Feature: Changelog

Everything you need to build better products

Features Overview

Upp.Vote ships with power-packed features set and new features are rolled-out every week.

Your own domain
Upp.Vote works on your domain: feedback.yourdomain.com. Optionally, you may run it on our domain: {feedback}.upp.vote
Feature Requests
Easily receive feature requests from your users. You can create feature requsts and receive feedback from users.
Voting System
Upp.Vote packs a powerful voting system. Receive upvotes on interesting feature requests or feedback posts.
Multiple Channels (Coming soon)
Create multiple channels to receive feature-requets, feedback, bugs, improvements etc.
Post Status
Admins can assign relevant status to the posts viz. 'New', 'Reviewing', 'Planned', 'Building', 'Launched' etc.
Publish and manage changelog from a central place and notify all subscribers automatically.
Public Roadmap
Display your product roadmap publicly and build user confidence and awareness.
Comment System
Let users comment on the feature requests and feedback to unlock insights.


Pricing plans for teams of all sizes

Upp.Vote is in public beta and is just weeks away from gold release. We have special discounts on our pricing plans for early users. Contact us to get our plans at discounts with lifetime validity.

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We’re here to help

At Upp.Vote, we are committed to providing exceptional support. If you have any question about our product, service or business, please get in touch. We respond to queries within 24 business hours.